Fiberglass Planters & Pots

Fiberglass Planters & Pots

Fiberglass Planters & Pots

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Fiberglass Planters & Pots

As a big bang on the market in 1999, Hau Phat Pottery is one of the first fiberglass planter companies in our country. After 18 years of development, our products are representing other national brands now.

Early orientation to become a pioneer in the segment of products that are heat resistant, insulating, waterproof, lightweight, environmentally friendly ... such as fiberglass, fiberstone, polyterrazzo, polystone to meet the standards prescribed by  Europe and America ..., Hau Phat Pottery took full advantage of time to perfect the production line. At the same time, we adhere to the principles, formulas and know-how in order to have products that not only stand out in the country but also can "raise their heads" to compete with other products of other countries. In the other hand, on the international market which our professional team regularly monitors and updates new trends in order to design products with diverse designs, modern, meet the rich taste of the user.


With the enthusiasm of the people who are knowledgeable about high-grade fiberglass materials, the products representing Vietnamese pottery all over the world what made by Hau Phat have been trusted by the difficult importers, strict requirements Difference, sophistication, elegance can hardly find similar lines.

Prior to the posture of the head of many resounding success, we always remind ourselves, "Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing." Therefore, the strategic direction of development in the coming time, the leaders of Hau Phat together with all staffs in the company try to effort fiberglass, fiberstone, polyterrazzo Vietnam so that increasingly reaching out and affirming its caste status on five continents and four seas.

With experience about production and export, facilities, production lines, and burning love with area in non-material “polyester resin and fiberglass”, we believe that the future direction will be a success.


Thanking our partners who are trusting Hau Phat in during the past time. This is the motivation for us to improve as well as bring into all our strengths, prepare for the next spectacular goal.

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